Dissertation Writing Task: You’ll Make It!

Nobody’s perfect. So, if this very moment you’re looking for thesis and dissertations writing tips it means you’re a human being and you want to be better. The first and the finest recommendation to write the best dissertation is to always contact your supervisor and follow the specific requirements provided by him.

Before you start working on your project, you need to take a good note that the best dissertation is the one that:

  • has an understandable objective, based on a well-developed central question or thesis;
  • is widely researched and well-planned;
  • shows that its author has a huge grasp of relevant ideas and is able to use these ideas in the process of work;
  • includes critical evaluation, analysis and discussion, rather than just a simple description;
  • has correct and consistent referencing;
  • is expressed and structured in an appropriate academic way;
  • shows your supervisor that you’ve successfully learnt something during the course and you’re able to use your knowledge in practice.


Now let’s talk about your topic. It is recommended to start thinking as early as possible about the topic you’re going to write on. Get in touch with your supervisor for a piece of advice on your dissertation expected scope. Bear in mind that you’re not going to simply write about “Sex Education Classes in Primary School”, but instead you’ll have to focus on specific aspects, maybe trying to solve a problem or arguing a particular case. Thus, your final paper title may be “A Critical Analysis of Suitability of Sex Education Classes in Primary School”. This title will be probably modified over the weeks before you agree the final paper version with your tutor.

Research and planning are integral parts of dissertation writing process. Your paper should be planned meticulously.

Develop a timetable and work in accordance with it. Remember, there’s no excuse to leave things to do to the last minute. You will always face with problems: delays in receiving necessary replies to questionnaires or letters, difficulties in obtaining materials and books, mysterious thieves hunting after dissertations etc. However, none of the problems described above is an excuse for not submitting your paper on time.

If you do not decide to approach online writing service, dissertation supervisor is the one you need to consult in order to share initial reading list with to make sure it is wide-ranging, up-to-date and relevant.

If you want to include some kind of questionnaire or survey, make it as wide as you can, but keep in mind that organizations and companies are swamped with this kind of thing and the response rate may disappoint you.

Most of your dissertation writing will 100% need redrafting many times and you need to cautiously proofread every single thing you write, or maybe you need to ask someone else to check your paper.

If you feel like it’s not up to you to cope with the paper of this level, approach online service. Dissertation will be accomplished as soon as possible but still errors may occur.

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