Chicago Dissertation Writing Guidelines

It may be not that easy to write a dissertation. When the question is about Chicago dissertation the Chicago reference style is usually meant. The basic guidelines, provided below, will help with Chicago format in dissertation even for the students who are at the ‘beginner’ level in writing.

Guideline 1. Research Proposal

The first stage of successful Chicago dissertation is to write the research proposal which should include: questions posed in the research, literature review, main goals and objectives and the approach that you are going to use in order to achieve the goals you have stated.

Guideline №2. Introductory Part

The Chicago dissertation is a piece of work created on the basis of thoroughly performed research. The first part of it is called the introduction. In this part the problem of the research, aims, questions, objectives and research rationale should be included. Sometimes, the students are required to also include the Chicago dissertation structure into this section.

Guideline 3. Review of the Literature Information

For good Chicago dissertation it is necessary to make the analyzing and summarizing of the arguments provided by the other writers in different literature sources.

Guideline 4. Methods of Research

For the Chicago dissertation writing qualitative or quantitative methods are followed. No matter what method you are going to choose, you’ll have to provide detailed explanation and justification of whatever you are going to present.

Guideline5: Summary, Conclusive Sections and Suggestions

First of all, it is necessary to start with the summary part of the material you have already provided. Include your own suggestions and recommendations into this section. Don’t forget about the conclusion of your whole research.

We honestly hope that the main guidelines we have made available for you will help with Chicago format in dissertation and ease the process of writing. In case if you are stuck in the hopeless situation, you can always buy Chicago dissertation but there’s nothing better than a piece of paper written on your own.

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